Submit your #USvsHate anti-hate messages here, after reading the guidelines below.

#USvsHate messages do one of the following:

  • explicitly address, explore, and refuse racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, or other forms of hate, bias and inequality in schools and society;
  • communicate that people across lines of difference contribute to our communities, regions, and nation, and deserve access to opportunity and well-being;
  • bust a myth (challenge a stereotype) about a “type of” student too often misrepresented;
  • ask people to treat each other kindly, fairly and respectfully, so schools stay safe for learning and society includes us all.

#USvsHate messages can come in any media. They can be made by individuals or groups. Any message submitted must be ready to share publicly as is.

Winning entries (chosen by the #USvsHate team) will be amplified nationally via our website and social media. A subset may be made into free posters and stickers for UC San Diego.

To be considered for a “Winning” message, the message also must do the following:

  • Include the hashtag #USvsHate. (If you don’t put it on there, we’ll add it for you.)
  • Be both creative and original. (Use original words and other material. Don’t plagiarize. If you use others’ publicly available material, credit the creator.)
  • Successfully communicate the #USvsHate message of inclusion and justice for all.

Questions? Contact Mariko Cavey at or Dr. Edwina Welch at

Deadline is June 4, 2021

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