Winners & Finalists

We appreciate all of our campus community members who have lifted their voices against hate, bias, and injustice via the #USvsHate @ UC San Diego public messaging contest. 

Undergraduate and graduate students have submitted anti-hate messages in various media forms, and participated in the #USvsHate @ UC San Diego contest as individual contest entrants, as well as in pairs and groups. Engagement in the #USvsHate @ UC San Diego project has occurred via course assignments across a breadth of disciplines, as part of undergraduate organizations’ activities, through students’ professional development experiences, and as independent efforts towards promoting an inclusive climate on campus and in society. 

Winning anti-hate messages were selected by a committee of reviewers, which included UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students in departments and programs that hold equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice as core values.

#USvsHate project partners include UC San Diego’s Human Developmental Sciences Program, Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence (CREATE), Department of Education Studies, and Cross Cultural Center.

The #USvsHate @ UC San Diego contest will reopen in 2020-2021, with submission deadlines to be announced in fall, winter, and spring quarters. We encourage future participants to look to this collection of winning messages and finalists from past quarters as inspiration for anti-hate and pro-inclusion messaging. 

Winners Winter 2021
Finalists Winter 2021
Winners Fall 2020
Finalists Fall 2020
Winners Spring 2020
Finalists Spring 2020
Winners Winter 2020
Finalists Winter 2020

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